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Blue Cat Eye Plate

Blue Cat Eye Plate

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Experience the allure of our Cat Eye Blue Ceramic Plates.

Hand-painted and crafted with high-temperature ceramic, they offer durability and a burst of vibrant color. Their moderate thickness ensures excellent insulation, making them suitable for any season.

From serving fruits to enjoying a Western feast, these versatile plates are perfect for any occasion.

They are compatible with your kitchen appliances and made from environmentally friendly materials.

Elevate your dining experience with our stunning Cat Eye Blue Ceramic Plates.




  • Small: diameter 8.58"; height 1.18"
  • Medium: diameter 9.65"; height 1.38"
  • Large: diameter 11.02"; height 1.50"

(all dimensions are approximate)

Care Instructions

  • Microwave Yes
  • Oven Yes
  • Washing machine Yes
  • Refrigerator Yes
  • Disinfection Cabinet Yes
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